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The Start Build Grow Show: A Roofing Contractor Podcast

Apr 25, 2019

Learn the Roofer Facebook Ad Blueprint that Adam Sand used to generate high end roofing jobs from premium clients looking to pay the right price for a quality roof from a trustworthy contractor.

This is your chance to take advantage of the latest targeting features, so you can attract QUALIFIED...

Apr 11, 2019

🔹Contractor Quotes That Crush The Competition🔹
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We go live tonight at 6 pm MT with Ryan Shantz, the founder of SumoQuote. Ryan has taken his experience as a roofing company owner and sales manager to solve problems for others in the roofing industry.
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SumoQuote is...

Apr 4, 2019

Elite Roofing - Storm Preparation Panel 
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♦️Randy Brothers - Chief Strategy Officer / Owner
♦️Cody Hayes - VP of Sales / Owner
♦️Brianna Reis - Chief Executive Officer
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Tonight at 6:00 pm MT, we go behind the scenes on how Elite Roofing prepares their roofing...