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The Start Build Grow Show: A Roofing Contractor Podcast

Jun 20, 2018

Andrew Allen Near from Shelby, MI and the owner of Empire Contractors joins us to discuss how to go from working on a roof to owning a roofing company.  He shares his failures and how they drove him to success.  

Jun 11, 2018

Randy Brothers discusses what The Roofing Academy is all about and why he decided to start it.  Finally, after nearly two years of hard work and dedication the course is ready to launch on the Lightspeed VT - Interactive Virtual Training System.  Brothers has taken nearly 15 years of experience into The Roofing Academy...

Jun 5, 2018

On this episode, we discuss the concept of bringing on a business partner when starting your contracting business.  Special guest, Cody Hayes, who is Randy's business partner at Elite Roofing, joins us to discuss this topic for the roofing industry.  We also take a deeper dive into the future of Elite Roofing, best...