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The Start Build Grow Show

Jul 19, 2019

I'm sure you've heard by now...

Social Media is the place to invest your marketing dollars. But why is it so difficult to figure it out? 🤔

Just like most things in business, you need to be consistent and continue to test different variables until you reach your targets. Implementing new social media tools make this...

Jul 12, 2019

Your growing business gets harder to manage every day. As your business expands, it needs help to scale properly. 📈
We discuss with Ronnie Smith from JobNimbus - how to properly implement processes in your organization to go from REACTIVE to PROACTIVE and efficiently increase revenue. 

Jul 4, 2019

Do you want to build a roofing company that scales itself? Is your goal to dominate your local roofing market? What's stopping you from taking your business to the next level?

We discuss with Randy Brothers - the strategic approach he implemented into his company, Elite Roofing, to successfully dominate his local market...

Jun 27, 2019

Do you want to become an award-winning salesperson at your roofing company? Or do you want to build a first-class sales team? What is halting your success? 
We discuss with Chad Brockmeyer - a top salesman at Elite Roofing, how to quickly increase your sales performance and become...

Jun 24, 2019

Episode 63 of The Start Build Grow Show is with Nick Peret from Summa Media. We have seen companies generate online leads, but what happens after the lead is hot? Do you have a CRM in order? He discusses how to generate and convert leads to build a company that sells itself.

  • Is your process nailed down?
  • What happens...