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The Start Build Grow Show

Aug 30, 2019

We discuss with Richard Walsh, the author of "Escape The Owner Prison", how you can successfully scale your contracting business to create freedom and wealth in your life. He will share his process on building a business that serves you instead of the the other way around.

🔹 Delegating Tasks
🔹 Automating Your...

Aug 22, 2019

We discuss with Armando Jacox Jr. with Foothills Roofing And Exteriors, Inc. how you can successfully make the jump into starting your own roofing company. He will share his process of going from"sales manager" to "business owner".

🔹 Business Planning
🔹 Building Your Team
🔹 Generating Revenue
🔹 Creating...

Aug 19, 2019

We discuss with Aaron Trujillo with A Tru Consulting how you can move your company into the digital age. He will share how roofing companies can systemize their business and make the leap into a paperless workflow.

🔹 Customizing JobNimbus
🔹 Integrating New Tools
🔹 Training Your Staff on Technology
🔹 Building...

Aug 5, 2019

We discuss with Lateef Farooqui with Bossupsolutions - how to properly generate and nurture leads for your contracting company. He will share how to create an inbound + outbound lead flow to increase your conversion rates and revenue. Lateef will also teach you how to implement automation to improve efficiencies and...