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The Start Build Grow Show: A Roofing Contractor Podcast

Mar 7, 2024

Today we have Dan Walrack joining us on the Start Build Grow Show.

During this episode Dan shares his approach to roofing sales, treating it as a strategic game where competitiveness, effective communication, and skills for objection handling are the keys to unlocking remarkable results. Dan shares his journey to how he became one of the top roofing salesman in the nation. With over two decades of hands-on experience and an impressive $18.5M in roofing sales under his belt, Dan brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, offering proven strategies for sales and business.

Beyond earning from clients, Dan sheds light on the importance of nurturing relationships with insurance and real estate agents, propelling your sales game to new heights. Tune in to The Start Build Grow Show for a conversation with Dan Walrack one of the top sales reps in the nation! 

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