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The Start Build Grow Show

Jul 30, 2020

Jose Herrera and Hugo Carrasco with New Era Roofing join us to discuss how to start and scale your roofing company.

  • Company Culture
  • Brand Development
  • Continued Self-Development
  • Defining "Your Why"
  • Building Key Relationships

Jul 23, 2020

Michael Gogan joins us to discuss how to utilize CompanyCam to increase productivity and make more money with your roofing company.

  • Company & Client Communication
  • App Integrations
  • Benefits of Documentation
  • Unique Ways to Use CompanyCam

Jul 9, 2020

Jonathan B. Sherwood joins us to discuss how to create a marketing and sales strategy to close BIG commercial roofing deals.

  • Commercial Marketing Strategies
  • Building Multi Family Clientele
  • Fluid Applied Roof Restoration
  • Commercial Low Slope Opportunities
  • Providing Options to Your Clients

Jul 2, 2020

Kyle Larson with Furtado Law joins us to share how to make sure you get what you deserve from the insurance carriers.

- Using Xactimate

- Labor Rates

- Supplementing

Jun 25, 2020

OneClick Code was developed to save professionals time and money by allowing them to access enforced roofing codes quickly and efficiently.

Garrett Kurtt and Stephanie Swanson join us to discuss how to use One Click Code to get paid faster and improve your workflows.

- Jurisdiction Matters

- How to Create a Defendable...